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GEN645UK Playing Cards Waterproof - Beer Trivia

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  • Brand: Gentlemen’s Hardware
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  • GEN645UK Playing Cards Waterproof - Beer Trivia

  • Beer! Who doesn't love beer, tell us? There are no such people, and if there are, then they are not people ...

    Gentlemen’s Hardware waterproof playing cards, in addition to playing (logically), are filled with the most incredible information from the world of beer and brewing. With their help you will learn which glass is best for which type of beer and, more importantly, why it is suitable, how to hold the mug correctly and what exactly the word "malt" means. All this amazing information can one day come in handy, and you know, to meet half of life, impressing her with your knowledge.

    And finally, because we can't help but tease you a little, do you know why the beer mug has a handle?

  • • Size of the box: 8.5 x 10.5 x 2.1 cm
    • 54 playing cards