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Greeting card | Another Year Closer to Crazy Cat Lady

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  • Brand: Pabuku Cards
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  • Greeting card | Another Year Closer to Crazy Cat Lady

  • Made in Austria for Pabuku - The Quirky Peperie
    Copyright: © Pabuku

    This gift card reminds us of the essence of human existence - the notion that, no matter what we do, we blink once, after which we become a middle-aged lady with at least three cats and a tiger around her ankles. And this is a reason to celebrate!

    The World of Pabuku is the result of the elaborate works offered by Austrian couple and professional partners Ulla Kopf and Ute Baurecker. The designer and artist duo works with big brands such as 
    Captain Fawcett (another brand we distribute with pride and joy).

    A natural step in Ulla and Ute's artistic development was to create their own brand, and that is when Pabuku came to life - a name that gave a warm welcome to the LGBTQ+ community and to everybody who feels different. Each and every product of their stands behind the idea that "Normal is just an illusion". The design of their gift cards is inspired by the unexpectedly good combination between victorian-style portraits and contemporary art. A symbiosis of quirkiness and elegance that creates a beautiful gift for every occasion.

    Made from high-quality paper and ink. Beautifully crafted, with bright eclectic imagery and fun writings.

    • Dimensions: 12 cm x 16.9 cm.
    • Envelope
    • Made in Austria