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DHGL60-2022 Hourglass - Terracotta Ombre - 60 minutes/1 hour

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  • Brand: Designworks ink
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  • Product code: DHGL60-2022

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    Fast delivery with Econt

  • DHGL60-2022 Hourglass - Terracotta Ombre - 60 minutes/1 hour

  • Time flows like a grain of sand between our fingers. No, we can't turn it back as much as we want, but we can play with it and turn, alas, only in one direction. But let's at least make it colorful and playful, sunny and playful with the colorful shades from the collection of Designworks ink!

    This great hourglass is in a fresh terracotta color. Both the glass and the sand inside it are colored to make our day even more beautiful and smiling. Even if you have nothing to smile about today, this watch will make time run faster or slower (depending on your mood). The watch measures exactly 60 minutes (1 hour) and is relatively small in size, but very nice. Its glass shape is stable and will not roll in the wrong direction. It arrives carefully packed in a box and styrofoam form to keep the weather intact. It is perfect for decorating your workplace or office, kitchen or dining room or just to have it.

    And what would you do with your colorful 60 minutes?
  • • Size: 20.6 cm high
    • Transport box
    • Fragile! Keep out of reach of children!
    • Contains small sand particles!
    • The series has other worlds.