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Sarah Bernard | Le Panorama | 1900

259.90 лв.
  • Oh, the eyes of Sarah Bernardt! Warm, yet challenging; affectionate, yet distant; humble, yet confident that they can change the course of classical theatre with just a few moves and lines. Oscar Wilde wrote his "Salome" initially in French specifically for her, and Puccini drew inspiration for his "Tosca" after watching her act on stage. At the end of the 19th century, the young actress caused a shift in understandings about what theatrical drama was, performing with magnetism, passion, and elegance. All of these traits have been captured in this photo collage from the pages of the French almanac Le Panorama.

    The album is entirely dedicated to representing the French actresses from the threshold between the two millenniums, when the superficial layers of society perceived the sensual ladies from the theatre and cabaret stages as seducers and lower-class women. In spite of the restrictions on female freedom and rights however, the actresses manage to build a successful career that attracted the attention of the audiences, changing the understanding about what theatre is and laying the foundations for its modern version.

    The image itself dates back from the year 1900 and is in very good condition for its age. The colours and the contrast are well-preserved, ready to stand out on any wall that wants attention. Its luxurious appearance makes it a unique gift for all the ladies and gentlemen that have an eye for beauty and value. As for the framing: we carefully choose the frames we use, after a thoughtful process regarding what style would suit each product best. Here, we have picked an old-school frame that complements the vintage aesthetics of the picture.

  • • Size: 36 х 29 х 1.8 сm
    • Certificate
    • Wooden frame
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