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Vintage outdoor sign | Cobbler shop "Levski" | 1912-1918

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  • With a lion's jump we overcome the abyss between decades and we find ourselves in the wild time between the Balkan war and WWI - the period of creation and demonstration of this authentic outdoor sign of the "Levski" cobbler shop!

    This is one of the oldest, even not even the oldest itself, remaining outdoor signs. A true treasure of Bulgarian history from the origins of the advertising business in our country!

    The sign is an example of what we would call "street marketing", through which cobbler Dimitar Atanasov invited ladies and gentlemen from around Sofia to his repair shop. According to our vague information, the shop stood somewhere around the king's stables. Maybe the king also attended exactly that shop to repair his horse-riding shoes?

    The years have most certainly left a mark on the sing, considering its location outside the shop. The seasons of rain, snow, and simply time have covered big parts of the sign in rust. Today, rust and paint have become one, which means that absolute restoration of the sign would be impossible. Conservation would be the only way to keep maintaining it.

    However, you know how people say that the worn-out pages of a book point to it having been read and reread again and again? Well, we know that the traces of life left on this sign serve as proof of its historical value. An excellent gift for any friends of your who have a taste in vintage memorabilia and authenticity, as well as for advertisers and designers who know how to use their skills to achieve long-lasting success that would endure all four seasons through the years.

  • • Size: 74 x 53 x 1 cm
    • Wooden frame on the back
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