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Juliet Diaz | "Witchery"

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  • Author: Juliet Diaz

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  • Barcode: 9781788172042
  • ISBN: 9781788172042

  • Juliet Diaz | "Witchery"

  • Embrace the Witch Within
    Copyright: © Juliet Diaz, 2019

    Everywhere, the witches are rising. Are you ready to answer the call and embrace your own inner witch?

    In this book, Indigenous Taino Bruja and Seer Juliet Diaz guides you on a journey to connect with the Magick within you. She explains how to cast off what doesn't serve you, unleash your authentic self, and become an embodiment of your truth. You'll also learn the skills and techniques you need to build your own Magickal craft and practice. This book isn't like any other witchy book out there, Juliet doesn't just hand over spells for you to dive into, she teaches you how Magick really works, how to tap into the frequencies that manifest your intentions and desires, and explains why you are the most powerful tool in your life and Magic. 

    • Language: English
    • Dimensions: 16 х 23 cm
    • Pages: 237
    • Cover: softcover
    • First published: 2019
    • This edition published: 2019