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What is Secret Santa?

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Secret Santa

Secret Santa is an interesting and fun Christmas game, which was initially popular in most Western countries, but which has recently gained momentum in Bulgaria as well. Secret Santa is ideal for many  different situations – among families, friends, corporate teams, etc. In essence, Secret Santa is when people pull a name from a hat of someone in the group, for whom to buy a gift, which they do in secret.  The Secret Santa, or the gift giver, has to keep in secret the name of the person for whom they have to choose an interesting Christmas gift. This way, the day when the Secret Santa gift exchange takes place is filled with mystery and excitement for everyone.

What are the main benefits of playing Secret Santa?

There are some main advantages from following the tradition of the Secret Santa Christmas game.

It’s usually great fun and often releases tension in an office environment and breaks the ice with your colleagues, as well as developing your personal creativity and the ability to make well-considered decisions. Below we share some more details regarding the listed benefits of playing Secret Santa:

  • Secret Santa is immensely fun – Playing the Secret Santa game is unforgettable family fun. Many families are busy with everyday routines and Christmas provides for a well-desired escape. This is the time of the year when people spend more time with their loved ones and get closer. Thanks to Secret Santa, these family moments will become unique and unforgettable. If your family is serious about the game and play it diligently, they will, without a doubt, experience lots of laughter, positive emotions, and good mood during the Christmas holiday season.
  • Secret Santa helps you break the ice with your colleagues – Busy schedules and annoying tasks and projects are a common characteristic of many modern offices. A Christmas party is a great opportunity to ease the tension and promote understanding and collegial support within the group. The game of Secret Santa is a helpful tool for breaking the ice at the office party. It is one of the most widely enjoyed Christmas-related activities by Western companies that emphasize workplace harmony and team development.
  • Secret Santa develops your creativity and decision-making skills – The Secret Santa game requires from all players to use their imagination and ability to make precise and effective decisions. Choosing the right Secret Santa gift for someone, possibly without even knowing who they are is not an easy task. A Secret Santa present needn’t be personal, nor too expensive, but it shouldn’t be cheap or careless either. When choosing a Secret Santa gift, it is crucial to consider options that would appeal to a wide variety of people and that would present you in the best possible way as a Secret Santa.

Secret Santa gift ideas from Elephant Bookstore

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Secret Santa - Elephant Bookstore

Elephant Bookstore is an independent shop and an English vintage bookshop where you can find a wide range of gifts that would satisfy even the most demanding tastes. Here in the Secret Santa gifts section we have carefully selected goods that we consider the perfect gifts – interesting and keeping up with the Christmas spirit. You can search our Secret Santa gift collection by price with two filters – Gifts Under 20 BGN and Gifts Under 30 BGN. Below we provide you some main gift idea options that you can find at Elephant Bookstore for your Secret Santa role:

Secret Santa in Elephant Bookstore: Christmas decoration – Christmas souvenirs and decoration are always a good gift idea to honor the brightest holiday of the year. In the Secret Santa section of our website we have curated a selection of interesting Christmas-related merchandise with which you can impress the person who will receive the gift and bring them positive emotions. For your Secret Santa role, you can choose from a selection of cute decorative little bottles or mascots such as golden bee, mariachi, blooming cactus, and other similar ones that are considered traditional in different parts of the world.

Secret Santa in Elephant Bookstore: Branded merchandise – Receiving branded goods that reminds us of our favorite shows and movies can really enhance our holiday mood. In the Secret Santa section, we offer you various merchandise – all officially licensed – for Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and other brands. Browse the branded goods offered by Elephant Bookstore and choose the ones which would serve you best for your role as a Secret Santa.

Secret Santa in Elephant Bookstore: Card games – The card games we have chosen here in the Secret Santa section are a perfect gift for both family reunions and corporate parties. They can help lighten up the atmosphere of the party and make everyone present engage in fun jokes with each other. Depending on the preferences of the targeted group, and your own, you can choose between different games like Brain Freeze, Food and Drink, Sports Quiz, Travel Quiz, and other interesting card games that you can find in our Secret Santa section.

Secret Santa in Elephant Bookstore: Magnetic finger puppets – We have a rich collection of magnetic finger puppets that perfectly match the Secret Santa concept and spirit. These are finger puppets of well-known celebrities, as well as popular favorite characters from TV shows and movies. We recommend you choose magnetic finger puppets from Elephant Bookstore if you want to impress everyone participating in the Secret Santa game with your gift giving skills, originality and creativity.  

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Secret Santa - Check our offers

Secret Santa in Elephant Bookstore: Other merchandise – Many other goods are available on the Secret Santa section on our website that can become a great gift for a loved one, a friend, or a colleague. We recommend face masks, mints with funny messages on the box, enameled badges, notebooks, keychains, puzzles, etc. Surprise your Secret Santa buddy with an unexpected gift!

Trust us at indie gift shop Elephant Bookstore and we guarantee you will be a unique and unforgettable Secret Santa for someone.

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Secret Santa - Разгледайте при нас!

What is Secret Santa?

What are the main benefits of playing Secret Santa?

Secret Santa gift ideas from Elephant Bookstore