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NN7982 HP - Hogwarts Express School Train collectors model on 22 inch base

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  • Brand: HARRY POTTER The Noble Collection
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  • Product code: NN7982

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  • NN7982 HP - Hogwarts Express School Train collectors model on 22 inch base

  • This train is so unique, so beautiful, so real that it will make you wonder if you stumbled upon Platform 9¾ without knowing it.

    The train is a model of the real train from the movies in J.'s books. K. Rowling for Harry Potter, which in turn is a model of the real train, which to this day runs on the line Mallaig-Fort William and passes through the iconic Glenfinnan Viaduct. And because we're huge Harry Potter fans (in case you haven't noticed), and because we've ridden this train, we guarantee that this model is downright magical. It is made precisely, jewelry and watchmakingly to the last detail. The material is high quality plastic and the wheels move. Do you feel our excitement? Yes, we're going to Hogwarts, are you coming with us?

    Despite the desire to play, we remind you that this product is not a toy and is fragile.

    • Material: high quality plastic
    • Size of the box: 62 x 15 x 14 cm
    • Gift box.
    • Fragile! Not recommended for children under 8 years.