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JB58-1010EU Notebook Bright Terracota Radiant Rays Bookcloth

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  • Brand: Designworks ink
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  • Product code: JB58-1010EU

  • JB58-1010EU Notebook Bright Terracota Radiant Rays Bookcloth

  • The Sun, the Moon, the Stars ... the rays, the meridians, the time zones ... The World, Everyone and everything else you can write in a wonderful notebook from the collection of Designworks ink!

    This great notebook is perfect for any recorder, whether you are interested in problems with the universe or with your personal people. The notebook is medium in size with a hard cover and pages with lines. The cover is made of soft suede in terracotta color, and on its first pages you will find various and useful information that will always be useful to you.

    It is convenient both for average staring at the stars and for daily hovering among them.
  • • Volume: 160 pages
    • Cover: hardcover
    • Format: 15 x 21 cm