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Original vintage newspaper Le Petit Parisien | 1905-12-17 | First Russian revolution | Framed

489.90 лв.
  • Directly from the port of Sevastopol, the French daily Le Petit Parisien covers the last pushes of the First Russian Revolution! The cover of one of the most famous French newspaper of its time relies more on bright, vivid illustration, rather than on words, to urgently grab attention and describe the hottest topics from the first wave of uprisings against the Russian empire, in 1905.

    The newspaper is a vintage relic in itself - a reminder of the initial journalistic attempts at boldness and transparency. With a gift like this one, you will most certainly surprise many ladies and gentlemen, especially if you happen to be acquainted with journalists, editors, publishes, illustrators or collectors of vintage items.

    Le Petit Parisien is actually one of the most famous newspaper during the Third French Republic and, according to some sources, one of the most circulated ones globally at the time. The newspaper sparks the attention of French society for being one of the first media outlets outside the control of political parties. The journalists relied on sensation and often risky news, instead of on propaganda which also allowed them to avoid taxes. Le Petit Parisien did not allow itself to fall under ideological pressure - the reason why its circulation stopped a little bit after France fell under Nazi occupation.

    Another impressive characteristic of this vintage newspaper is that its covers are all hand-drawn by local artists because, at the time, photography was not as readily available. The colours here are perfectly preserved and vivid. The goal of each illustrator was to capture the passerby's eye. Sensation, truth, and colours - what more can you ask for from a newspaper?

    The newspaper is in very good condition, excluding some folds around the edges - a product of age. As for the framing: we frame as it is for ourselves, choosing quality products and maintaining a high standard.

  • • Size: 50 х 36.5 х 2.1 cm
    • Certificate
    • Wooden frame
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