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Bugarian vintage magazine "Kartinen Svyat" | 1941-11-19 | Issue 34

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  • Bugarian vintage magazine "Kartinen Svyat" | 1941-11-19 | Issue 34

  • If you are looking for a way to travel back in time, the vintage Bulgarian magazine "Kartinen Svyat" (transl. "World of Pictures") is here for you! The magazine is in the form of a comic book, which gives you the chance to enjoy an episode from the world of Mickey Mouse. On the inside, you can find other comic series that were famous in Bulgaria during the 1940s.

    The reason why we label this magazine as exclusive and priceless lies in the illustrations' historical value: Mickey Mouse comic books of this type are not being produced anymore for reasons related to the racial caricatures in the drawings. Of course, this can only make us proud, as we walk the way to progress and equality, but it is exactly this that turns the magazine into a rarity.

    Apart from Mickey Mouse, the other protagonist here is Thursday. His name was borrowed from Robinson Crusoe's companion, "Friday," in Daniel Defoe's novel.

    A wonderful gift from a person's most carefree time of life, a gift that every grownup child would appreciate. The magazine is also a valuable addition to every collector's range of vintage and retro memorabilia.

    Of course, the vintage qualities of the magazine come with some other characteristics, a result of the many years that have passed since WWII. There are some traces of wear and tear around the borders of the paper, but the colours and the texts have managed to preserve themselves with dignity!

      • Language: Bulgarian
      • Size: 32 x 24 cm
      • Volume: 8 pages
      • Softcover
      • Year: 1941