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We have literally thousands of comics in stock, as anyone who has visited the store will know. Mainly DC and Marvel from all eras, all hand-picked by our enthusiastic staff for your pleasure. As you can imagine, it's a huge job to upload these to our site, but we are tackling the task with pleasure and aim to have this section live ASAP!

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Elephant Bookstore is not only an indie book and gift shop, but also a comics shop. We carry original American comic issues as old as from the ‘60s through to current times – including from the Golden, Silver, and Bronze Ages.

In our comics shop we have DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, Image, etc. and we maintain a steady collection of between 3,000 and 5,000 original comic issues at all time.

Why choose Elephant Bookstore as your comics shop?

Comics shop 1
Comics shop

It doesn’t matter which superhero or fairytale world you are a fan of, you are guaranteed to find something to your liking in our comics shop. Our collection brings together unique comic series and popular issues alike. And on top of that our comics shop offers frequent discounts. In the following paragraphs, we will point out why you need to pay us a visit in our comics shop (virtually or on site).  

In our comics shop we have a unique collection

In Elephant Bookstore you can find a unique collection of comic books incomparable to any other comics shop. We have original vintage comics from the 1960s, ‘70s and ‘80s – such issues are usually rare to find and highly valuable for collectors. In our comics shop we have entire series of such comic books. Until recently, it was not possible to find a complete vintage comics collection in the Bulgarian market.

In our comics shop we have popular titles

Some of the issues available in our comics shop are part of beloved series which have gained worldwide popularity, such as Star Wars, Batman, and mainly titles from DC and Marvel Comics. Elephant Bookstore is a licensed merchandiser for Bulgaria for several renowned global brands. This has helped us create this beautiful comics shop where you can be sure to find your favorite comic books and series.

In our comics shop we have a huge range

Another main reason why you should choose Elephant Bookstore as your comics shop of choice is, as we must highlight, the wide and diverse range of issues available in our inventory. In our comics shop we have thousands of original American comic books from different decades, traditions, and mass culture. DC and Marvel may constitute the majority of the inventory of our comics shop, but we regularly add comics from other series as well, including Dark Horse, Image, and Vertigo. 

In our comics shop we give you frequent discounts

Different price discounts are available year-round for many of the products we offer in our comics shop. At Elephant Bookstore we believe that a special occasion is not necessary to make a gift to yourself or a loved one. For this reason, we often have different issues at promotional prices. We strive to make our comics shop customers happy.

In our comics shop we offer comics accessories

Comics shop 2
Comics shop - Elephant BookStore

In addition to comics, in our comics shop we offer comic book accessories to store your issues and preserve them from moisture and time. You can use cellophane bags and/or cardboards that in our comics shops we sell in two sizes – Modern Age and Silver Age. Moreover, we offer various comics-related merchandise, such as DC or Marvel-branded mugs in which you can sip coffee, and which you can place on a branded coaster while flipping through the pages of the latest issue you found in our comics shop.

What can you expect to find in our comics shop?

Let’s talk specifically about comic issues you can find in our comics shop. At Elephant Bookstore we carry some of the most popular series. They arouse great interest and excitement in fans around the globe. Here is what you can expect to find in our comics shop:

In our comics shop we have DC Comics

DC is one of the world’s largest publishers of comics, magazines, and books. It is a division of Warner Bros. – a well-known mass media and entertainment conglomerate. The DC Comics collection available in our comics shop consists of some of the best comics series published in the past few decades. Batman, Flash, Superman, Suicide Squad and other popular superheroes have joined forces and entered our little comics shop in entire collections of hit series.

In our comics shop we have Marvel Comics

Marvel is part of The Walt Disney Studios – another American production giant. It has created iconic superheroes that are loved, and even worshiped, by fans all over the word, including X-Men, Avengers, Captain America, Fantastic Four, etc. In our comics shop you can find comic books with the superheroes from the Marvel Universe.

In our comics shop we have Star Wars        

Star Wars is a production of Marvel Comics, but in our comics shop we have created a separate section for the comic books based on the franchise. Many fans consider Star Wars comics completely different from the rest of the Marvel production and we, as big fans ourselves, share this belief. That’s why we have assigned a separate category for them; they deserve their own section in our comics shop. In fact, we have divided the Star Wars comics into two sub categories – Classic Star Wars and Classic Star Wars – The Early Adventure. In our comics shop you will find various Star Wars issues published as early as the beginning of 21th century ?until the present day. That’s why we are proud to call ourselves a comics shop – you can easily find what you are looking for and, if certain issues sell out, you can subscribe to receive a notification when they arrive.  

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Comics shop - Check our offers

In our comics shop we have graphic novels

Last, but not least, in our comics shop you will find a wide variety of graphic novels. Graphic novels are long fictional works where the plot unravels using the same means of expression found in comics. They differ from standard comic books in their length; if we consider graphic novels as a novel, then comics are a short story.

In our comics shop we have a separate section dedicated entirely to graphic novels where you can find titles such as The Walking Dead, Batman, The Simpsons, Superman, etc. In our comics shop collection, you can also come across less well-known titles, but just as exciting nonetheless. We invite you to pay a visit to our comics shop (virtually or on site) and browse through our collection.

In our comics shop we guarantee you will become part of the world of your favourite superheroes and experience exciting adventures, comics-related and beyond.

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Comics shop - Разгледайте при нас!

Why choose Elephant Bookstore as your comics shop?

What can you expect to find in our comics shop?